Two from Queen of Angels School, Chicago

Heroes to Zeroes

by Courtney Smith

The Cubs used to be my heroes,
But now they’re big fat zeroes.
We say, “Playoffs, here we come!”
But playoffs they’ve never won,
Except in 1908.
Other than that, it’s not their fate.
Strike one, strike two, strike three–yer out!
It’s the Cubs, without a doubt.

Go, Cubs, Gone!

By Keenan Feller

Go, Cubs, Gone!
They lost their game,
They make me yawn.
They lost their fame.
I said, “Oh hey”
When I heard their name,
And now I say,
“Oh, what a shame.”

How sad it is
To be a fan.
The playoffs ended in a whiz.
Oh gee, aww man.
I thought this year,
“Oh yes they can.”
Again you hear,
“Oh gee, aww man.”

So now they blew it.
Their season’s drawn.
I really thought they could do it,
But I guess I was wrong.
It’s not a good way
That their season’s gone.
So what do ya say…
Go, Cubs, Gone.

Posted 10/12/07 

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Two from Queen of Angels School, Chicago: 1 Comment

  1. stu wrote,

    These poems are a lot more imaginative than mine.

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