Unctuous Trade Deadline Poem

By Stuart Shea

When the Giants added beltin’ Beltran,
Bruce Bochy said, “Now I’ve got enough!”
Buster struck a curious Posey
And Aubrey walked out in a Huff.

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Unctuous Trade Deadline Poem: 1 Comment

  1. Andrzej wrote,

    I think the conspiracy thoteisrs were greatly helped after WWII. When Truman became president he knew nothing of the massive Manhattan project that developed the atom bomb and neither did hardly anyone outside of the project. Then we have the examples of many the black ops missions, the SR-71, the U-2, Stealth Bomber and fighter, and many other things born secret . To some it doesn’t seem too big of a jump from having assassinations, targeted bombings, and covert op missions being conducted under plausible deniability by the United States Government in foreign countries to having those very same things being done within the US itself. Then there is the understandable disbelief that the United States spends more then most of the rest of the world combined on defense and it either did not know of, or did nothing with the knowledge of, the 9-11 attacks beforehand. To many, it seems more plausible that the attacks were either allowed to happen and taken advantage of, or planned and carried out (or some combination of the two), by certain elements in government and business that profited by the attacks and the resulting military actions that followed. In advertising and marketing there is the idea of artificial demand, why not in the defense industry as well? Then there is the very real examples throughout the last century of effective propaganda being done by independent news organizations (that may actually believe the lies they are telling, making the propaganda so much more effective). Therefore it is a short step to thinking that the news is controlled and censored. Which if, one compares the news from some outside sources to what is given in the U.S. and the type of entertainment in the U.S. (and the west in general) with things like the description of prolefeed from 1984, becomes frighteningly believable. Of course, one problem with that is that, like bread and circuses of Rome, the prolefeed of today is what is demanded by the populace, regardless of whatever the intentions were when it was introduced. We really need to apply the same incompetence factor that is evident in most DMV’s to the government as a whole, with the added f actors of information overload and departmental rivalries. While it is possible that there is some level of conspiracy in things we should also remember to Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence, but don’t rule out malice.

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