“Vida Blue” by Albert Jones

Happy 67th birthday, Mr. Blue!

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“Vida Blue” by Albert Jones: 3 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    All right! Happy birthday, Blue-man!

  2. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Undoubtedly the most popular ball player to play for both the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants, Vida appears on Giants Pregame and post game TV and radio shows, partnered with former teammate William Van Landingham. Learned a lot about pitching from listening tothem.

    “Happy Birthday, Vida Blue”
    Born: July 28, 1949
    The Village Elliott: 7/28/16

    Today’s the birthday of Vida Blue,
    Louisiana Lightning he threw,
    Was both Giant and A,
    Beloved both sides of Bay,
    Vida Blue, happy birthday to you.
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  3. Anonymous wrote,

    What a nice birthday limerick, Elliott!

    There was something about him that was just SO COOL to the eleven-year-old me. Read a book about him and everything

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