Viva Bazardo!

by James Finn Garner

Let’s give up a cheer for Yorman Bazardo!
He got his first win, didn’t make it look hard-o!
Let the shouts ring out in the Tigers’ ballyard-o!
Bazardo! Bazardo! Bazardo! Bazardo!

Bazardo! Bazardo! Bazardo! Bazardo!
Just try staying glum while yelling “Bazardo!”
It’s more fun than sex in a trough full of lard-o!
Bazardo! Bazardo! God help me !! Bazardo !!

Posted 9/17/07 

Published in Detroit Tigers, Food, James Finn Garner, Pure doggerel | Link to this poem | 4 Comments

Viva Bazardo!: 4 Comments

  1. stu wrote,

    This is a totally “hands in the air” hip-hop chant! I love this.

  2. James Finn Garner » Blog Archive » Opening Day wrote,

    […] of left field), extra innings. Unfortunately, no appearance by the pitcher with our favorite name, Yorman Bazardo. Throughout the rest of the evening, we turned his name into a euphemism for everything from body […]

  3. Rod wrote,

    Yorman, meet Antonio..
    Antonio, this is Yorman…

    How Bazardo!

    You Bastardo!!

  4. Bardball » Reviving the Art of Baseball Doggerel » Vaya Con Dios, Bazardo wrote,

    […] For an earlier poem about Yorman Bazardo, click here. […]

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