By Stuart Shea

Matheny hoped for damage control
As each reliever dug a hole.
Choate was awful, Maness ehh,
Rosenthal wild, Martinez bleh.

Who is left to call on, then?
Wacha’s down there, in the pen…
He hasn’t pitched for several weeks,
But nothing’s left that doesn’t leak.

See one problem, cause another–
That’s how bullpens work, my brother.
How to fix this bullpen bleed?
Get a bigger lead.


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Wacha-Mole: 3 Comments

  1. Joshua Roth wrote,

    Excellent, however, it may not be appropriate for this site as it soars beyond doggerel to baseball poetry.

  2. stu wrote,

    Joshua, that’s too nice….

  3. Anonymous wrote,

    He’s like William Carlos Williams, plus PUNS

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