We Don’t Only Have Eyes for You

by Jim Siergey

Is Starlin out tonight?
Is his future cloudy or bright?
Cubs think that he’s way overdue

Fans’ hopes are all high
They see that pie in the sky
Cubs like Baez and Russell, too

We all know the choice is a hard one
Shortstop’s a crowded avenue

He’s still here, some ask “Why?”
His batting average once was high
But now it’s disappearing from view
And Joe doesn’t have eyes for you

So, is Starlin out tonight?
Will Adam or Javy be right?
Will he no longer wear Cubbie Blue?


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We Don’t Only Have Eyes for You: 1 Comment

  1. James Finn Garner wrote,

    From Hilary Barta:

    Oh, what is the future of Castro?
    As Cardinal, Met, perhaps Astro?
    Once heir to the throne,
    Now to errors he’s prone,
    Giving Maddon a pain in the gastro.

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