What I Learned from Ernie Banks

by James Finn Garner

From Jackie Robinson
I learned about grace under the gun

From Satchel Paige
I learned of the illusions of age

From Dick Allen
I learned never to give in

From Hammerin’ Hank Aaron
I learned to keep on keepin’ on

But from Ernie Banks
I learned to give thanks.

RIP. Let’s play two, forevermore.


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What I Learned from Ernie Banks: 3 Comments

  1. Mako Nikaidoh wrote,

    Thanks, man.

    Some verse from Mr. Cub himself.
    “The Cubs are due,
    in ’62.
    The Cubs will come alive,
    in ’65.
    The Cubs will be heavenly,
    in ’67-ly.
    The Cubs will shine,
    in ’69,
    The Cubs will glow,
    in ‘7-0.”

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Ernie Banks — his name
    Equals abundant joy.
    And all for a game.

    Baseball is all about
    Numbers — and Ernie’s
    Were very good.

    But what got him in
    The Hall of Fame, for me,
    Is how he always

    Remained the same —
    Loyal to a team,
    Ebullient when he played.

    In short, “Mr. Cub.”

  3. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    From Stan Musial,
    Learned what’s unusual

    From Willie Mays,
    I learned whom to praise

    From Curt Flood
    I learned to give blood.

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