What I Remember After 09/11

by Stephen Jones

What I remember is large
some of it confused
the sadness the heroes
some still unnamed

but I zero in on baseball
not to forget but because
like a constant outside history
baseball resonates for me

the heroics of play on a field
the belief that a game is sometimes
better than grief
a comfort & something to point to

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What I Remember After 09/11: 3 Comments

  1. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Frustration as well as relief
    Has, through life, stemmed from my belief
    That no matter what,
    No if, and, or but,
    Games always are better than grief.

  2. Stu wrote,

    This is good, Steve. And so is the follow-up!!

  3. Tony Medeiros wrote,

    Well Done!!!

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