What To Do, Brew Crew?

By Stuart Shea

The team wasn’t good
Before Lucroy went down.
Then they fired the skipper
In hopes of a rebound.
But it’s all in vain,
It’s rebuild time again,
Let’s burn the whole thing to the ground.

Trade Garza, Segura,
Ramirez, and Lind,
And think about Braun,
If a deal’s in the wind.
But just don’t deal Scooter,
There ain’t no one cuter,
And as far as we know, he ain’t sinned.


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What To Do, Brew Crew?: 2 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,


    Is it time in Milwaukee to introduce a return deposit on players?

  2. Chuck Hildebrandt wrote,

    Hail, Scooter! Scrappy white guys are not to be denied!

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