When Plugging is Galvanizing (Yankees-Red Sox, 8/18/2013)

by Stephen Jones

I am no fan of A-Rod.  Truth be told:
His off-field antics have left us all cold,
His acts spoiling a national pastime.

But I’d also be less than honest not to chime:
When he was plugged by Ryan Dempster,
That lone-wolf act galvanized Yankee roster.

Girardi fuming, ejected for fairly defending
His player against intentional hunting.
Then Bean Town saw Yankee bats explode

And, sweet irony itself, A-Rod unload
A deep center-field home run off Dempster –
Who by now should have been a “repent-ster.”

The bottom line?  MLB issued suspension
For Dempster’s unwarranted action:
5 meaningless games, late in the season.

Locking the barn door after horses are gone –
the Red Sox’s rotation remains unbroken.


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When Plugging is Galvanizing (Yankees-Red Sox, 8/18/2013): 1 Comment

  1. Sid wrote,

    Kevin April 19, 2013 13:18Attendance suck but this is a false equivalency. In 1923 your only opitons were go to a baseball game, a movie, or sit at home and twiddle your thumbs. 3 0

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