Wilson Betemit, Never Ever Get a Hit

by Hart Seely

First base Wilson Betemit
Never ever-ever gonna get a hit.
Pitcher never even have to sweat a bit.
Not with Wilson Betemit.

Second base Wilson Betemit.
Squats like old man take a shit.
Swings like girl with a fake-a-tit.
No good Wilson Betemit.

Shortstop Wilson Betemit.
Called strike three he throw a fit.
On the bench he should-a-sit.
Be gone Wilson Betemit.

Third base Wilson Betemit.
Plays like do not give a whit.
Someday soon he ought-a-quit.
Sick of Wilson Betemit.

Hart Seely is the author of the hilarious Mother Goose Goes to Washington, as well as Oh Holy Cow: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto, newly released in a 15th-anniversary edition. He often hangs around the Yankee website, It is High, It is Far, It is….caught, offering tasteful and constructive comments to management and players alike.

Posted 9/29/08

Published in New York Yankees, Pure doggerel | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

Wilson Betemit, Never Ever Get a Hit: 1 Comment

  1. stu wrote,

    Good poem, but unfair. Betemit’s a good player, and no youngster could excel with the kind of playing time he was given.

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