Yorman’s Back!

By Stuart Shea

They couldn’t keep him down!
He’s back for another round.
The guy with the funny name
Has another chance at fame.

Make sure to fill out a brand new dance card-o!
Last night saw the return of Yorman Bazardo!


Game Update!  by James Finn Garner

In his debut with the Astros — “Howdy there, Pard-o!” —
Yorman left the Fish battered and scarred-o
(Though with 10 hits, they might have starred-o).
Our young stud of his dignity keeps a shard-o.
When the ‘Stros play the Phils next, wherever the yard-o,
Yorman will hoist those Phools on their own petard-o!


Posted 8/20/2009

Published in Extra Innings, Houston Astros, Players, Pure doggerel, Stu Shea | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

Yorman’s Back!: 1 Comment

  1. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Huzzah! A gift for the Bard-o!

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