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BARDBALL wants to resurrect the connection between baseball and poetry, between the love of the game and love of language. A century ago, most baseball columnists regularly published poems in the paper about the players, the personalities, the action and the game itself. “Casey at the Bat” might not be Shakespeare, but if Shakespeare were alive today, we bet he’d be looking for rhymes for “Hafner”, “Ichiro” and “Ordonez”.

BARDBALL hopes to become a community of fans who can capture the thrill and beauty of baseball in poetry, limericks, haiku, song lyrics and other formats. We need your contributions, from all over North America, to make it work. By the end, the entire season and every team and big event will be covered in verse form.

Your moderators and the creators of BARDBALL are James Finn Garner and Stuart Shea. Garner is the author of the best-selling Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and most recently, Recut Madness: Favorite Movies Retold for Your Partisan Pleasure. Shea wrote Wrigley Field: The Unauthorized Biography and Fab Four FAQ and edited Wrigley Season Ticket 2007.















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