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National League West 2014 Spring Training Haiku

by Stuart Shea

Now, the big question:
Will Trumbo survive the fall
From an angel to snake?

Possessing billions
Does not mean that a person
Knows what they’re doing.

The Freak must now prove
That he can effectively
Re-get his Freak on.

Who will hang a star
On future great Padres plays
Now that Jerry’s gone?

Will the Car Go boom?
Will Tulo’s stats be too low?
Will anyone care?


Halfway-Point Haiku

by D. Bruce Brown

Is Haiku foolish?
For the national pastime?
Heavens, I hope not.

NL West
Nice guys finish last
Crabby managers do win
They still need pitching

Los Angeles
Is money the key?
It can bring in the big names
No, it’s the scouting

Thin air skews his stats.
Is Todd a Hall of Famer?
No, probably not

San Francisco
We won it all twice…
With an absence of offense
Only even years

San Diego
A beautiful park
The only Hall of Famer
Is up in the booth

NL East
Fourteen in a row
Is not so impossible
It might start this year

First picks starting games
Davey says this is his last
A doormat no more

A team on the rise
They are not now any more
We all miss Harry

New York
A small pantheon
But will be growing soon now
Matt Harvey’s a star

Was ever team
More worthy than its owner
To be in the Bigs?

NL Central
St. Louis
The league’s best record
They have birds on their jerseys
We all will miss Stan

A great tradition
Lives on in the memory of fans
Maybe the year’s here!

Phillips is wondrous
The rest are outstanding too
It’s Dusty’s last year

The city’s windy
Is anything more constant
Than fans’ apathy?

Segura is great
John Axford is clean shaven
Nicest fans ever


D. Bruce Brown has posted daily trivia questions for Horsehide Trivia since 1997.  He is also the president of the Bob Davids chapter of SABR.

A Ballad of Baseball Burdens

by Franklin Pierce Adams

The burden of hard hitting. Slug away
.    Like Honus Wagner or like Tyrus Cobb.
Else fandom shouteth: “Who said you could play?
.    Back to the jasper league, you minor slob!”
.    Swat, hit, connect, line out, get on the job.
Else you shall feel the brunt of fandom’s ire
.   Biff, bang it, clout it, hit it on the knob—
This is the end of every fan’s desire.

The burden of good pitching. Curved or straight.
.   Or in or out, or haply up or down,
To puzzle him that standeth by the plate,
.   To lessen, so to speak, his bat-renoun:
.   Like Christy Mathewson or Miner Brown,
So pitch that every man can but admire
.   And offer you the freedom of the town—
This is the end of every fan’s desire.

The burden of loud cheering. O the sounds!
.   The tumult and the shouting from the throats
Of forty thousand at the Polo Grounds
.   Sitting, ay, standing sans their hats and coats.
.   A mighty cheer that possibly denotes
That Cub or Pirate fat is in the fire;
.   Or, as H. James would say, We’ve got their goats—
This is the end of every fan’s desire.

The burden of a pennant. O the hope,
.   The tenuous hope, the hope that’s half a fear,
The lengthy season and the boundless dope,
.   And the bromidic; “Wait until next year.”
.   O dread disgrace of trailing in the rear,
O Piece of Bunting, flying high and higher
.   That next October it shall flutter here:
This is the end of every fan’s desire.


Ah, Fans, let not the Quarry but the Chase
.   Be that to which most fondly we aspire!
For us not Stake, but Game; not Goal, but Race—
.   THIS is the end of every fan’s desire.


Franklin Pierce Adams was a columnist and prolific doggerelist, best known for “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon (Tinker to Evers to Chance)”. This poem is from his book In Other Words (1912).


2013 NL West Prediction Haiku

By Stuart Shea

As snakes in the grass
Lie in wait for their prey…Nah.
This team is just old.

Wise beyond his years,
or simply out of his league?
Walt Weiss’ springtime.

Gold, silver, riches
beyond all compare will buy
just one Zack Greinke.

At least it’s always
a lovely place to work on
The perfect suntan.

Ladies: when seeking
wealthy East Bay pensioners,
Look for Series rings.

March Baseball

by Stephen Jones

There is nothing to speak of, so far

Except, maybe, mega-contracts, buying the World Series
and demonic trades, and key pre-season injuries

The Yankees are back with battered fixations
The Marlins are simply trade-and-bait
The Nationals are openly trepadacious
The Phillies are, well, on the clock
San Francisco, so far, is blowing smoke
Los Angeles is spending its bank

. . . and the list goes on

Summertime passion is now full-time
obsession and has little to do with “the game”


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