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Every Sixty Years

by the Village Elliott

For Madison Bumgarner, et al.

Each Giants fan felt giant fear,
Thought, “Though year’s even,” then “Out of here!”
Mad Baum showed Jints the way,
Hit “Game’s Call of the Day”.
Reckon likely be Call of the Year.

Seems each 60 years there’s such a game:
Give up Grand Slam, hit tater same frame.
First, Hubs’ Fred Klobedanz,
Back when Babe wore short pants;
Reds’ Hal Jeffcoat, Mad Bum each same fame.


On August 18 in the fourth inning, Madison Bumgarner gave up a grand slam. In the bottom of the inning, he hit a two-run tater. He is the third hurler in Major League history to hit a home run after giving up grand slam in previous half-inning:

1: Boston Braves’ Fred Klobedanz vs. New York Giants (homer by George Davis), 1st/2nd, on 9/12/1896
2: Cincinnati Reds’ Hal Jeffcoat vs. St. Louis Cardinals (homer by Stan Musial), 8th, on 5/26/1957
3: San Francisco Giants’ Madison Baumgarner vs New York Mets (homer by Justin Ruggiano), 4th, on 8/18/16

“Baseball, Baseball” by Jane Morgan

Dainty, Ain’t He?

by Michael X. Ferraro

John Lackey, don’t you hear that sound
as you harrumph upon the mound?
David Ross, do your Cub ears twitch
as you jog toward the errant pitch?

That noise — whoooosh — ain’t what you reckoned
…………..BillyHamiltonjustscoredfromsecond !


Reds’ Billy Hamilton scored from second on passed ball Tuesday, thanks to Cubs’ laziness

Out of Lefty-Righty Field

By Michael X. Ferraro

Or: “Pulling Out All the Strops”

“That bullpen is so far away,
so why not use left field instead?”
These are the kinds of late-inning thoughts
that pop into Joe Maddon’s head.


Cubs manager Maddon played three relief pitchers in left field against the Reds on Tuesday during a 15-inning victory.


Clout and Class

by Hilary Barta

On the road down in Cincy, Kris Bryant
Explodes for three homers, all giant
But the cheers “Curtain call”
On deaf ears would all fall
To such showboating Bryant’s defiant.

Kris Bryant hit three homers and two doubles on Monday night, but refused to come out of the dugout for a bow, despite cheers from fans and prodding from teammates, because he didn’t want to show up the Reds.

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