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Dusty in the Wind

by James Finn Garner

What does the future hold for dear Dusty
Now that the lure of gold has gone bust-y?
With the Nats getting beat
He might land on the street
Like mold, his reputation now musty.


Stiff Upper Drip

By Hilary Barta

Will the Cubs or the Nationals sizzle?
Who advances, and which team will fizzle?
Whose fans will stay sober
Or curse this October?
They will both play Game Five in a drizzle.


Maddening Maddon

by James Finn Garner and Hilary Barta

Ol’ Wrigley was soaked in a squall
Nats’ Taylor had stroked the long ball
Though I love Carl Junior
Hook should’ve come sooner
But Maddon did nothing at all.



by Hilary Bartra

First it’s Strasburg, then Roark, now guess who?
Was it weather, or mold, maybe flu?
Are the Nats a big mess?
Is it manager chess?
Are they pulling the old switcheroo?


Four and No More

by Hilary Barta

Cub starters thus far have looked spiffy
Their bullpen relief, though, is “iffy”
A great game from Jake
Is all it would take
For Chicago to close in a jiffy.


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