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Revenge of the Louisville Sulker

by Michael X. Ferraro

Morrison was very displeased
Felt his bat’s wood must be diseased.
Gave the dugout a whack!
But the bat, it struck back
Now LoMo’s red face has been tweezed.

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Michael X. Ferraro is the author of Numbelievable and Tazed and Confused: The Shocking Poetic Recap of the 2010 Baseball Season


The Last Time in Seattle, 06/12/2014

by Stephen Jones

A rookie stepped up to Seattle’s home plate
And recorded his first major-league hit.
That was in 1995.

It’s full circle time, and last night
Derek Jeter did the same: In the 1st
He got a one-out single to right.

“I’ll always have fond memories of Seattle
Because this is where it began.”  He smiled.
This is now 2014.

In the 9th he got 40 seconds of grateful applause -
And while some are tired of this season’s homage,
Few will argue

That he has been the “Face of Baseball.”
No matter the stats, it is the intangible
Which makes a star.

Last night the Yankees won, 6-3, and the season
Is up for grabs.  But last night Seattle remembered
It started here in 1995.

American League West 2014 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

An Appel a day
Would keep the losses away
But he’s not yet ripe.

Ask A. Moreno–
Trout fishing in Cali
Can be expensive.

Free and well-favored,
No-names and others’ castoffs
Find their own success.

East coast import
Finds rain not to his liking
Even under roof.

Wash likes sac bunting.
His fellow skippers are glad
To accept the out.


The Biogenesis All-Star Squad

By Stuart Shea

Bartolo Colon,
Big and round,
Is on the mound.

Francisco Cervelli,
A-Rod’s teammate,
Is behind the plate.

Jesus Montero
Will suit up at first,
Though his bat is the worst.

Jhonny Peralta
Has a bat to be reckoned,
And we’ll move him to second.

To play at short,
The Padres’ rara,
Everth Cabrera.

At third base, of course,
With broken-down bod,

Fernando Martinez
Is playing left field,
With a .240 yield.

Melky Cabrera
Will hold down center–
He’s just a renter.

Nelson Cruz
Is out there in right…
At least for tonight.


Halfway-Point Haiku

by D. Bruce Brown

AL East
A nation believes
That their guys can win it all
History says no

Fighting a drab park
Evan isn’t an All-Star?
Our starters will shine

Is Davis for real?
His weight room feats are unreal
The bullpen will tell

New York
An EMT’s dream
But Girardi knows winning
How is Cano’s knee?

Can we go from first
To last in the same season?
The rest must collapse

AL West
Cespedes homers
Billy Beane is a genius
Damn!  Who ARE these guys?

So very close twice
Making believers of fans
If only Nolan could pitch

Los Angeles (AoA)
Tons of star power
Swept at home by the Astros
What is going on?

In obscurity
They perform for loyal fans
Wait!  Ichiro’s where?

Switching leagues might help
Two thousand and five was great
But so long ago

AL Central
Pitching’s no problem
The best hitter in baseball
These cats have a bite!

Once given for dead
With lectures from Chris Perez
Francona’s now boss

Kansas City
AL’s small market
Yet they have players to watch
Brett’s in the dugout

Trying to build stars
Is hard when your DH is Plouffe
Mauer can still hit

South Siders are glum
Sale should have been MVP
Git up!  Git up!  Stretch!

D. Bruce Brown has posted daily trivia questions for Horsehide Trivia since 1997.  He is also the president of the Bob Davids chapter of SABR.

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