Jose Fernandez

by Stephen Jones

The pride of Cuba
He dared the sea, to be free
Then it took him back


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by Jim Siergey

A million Dad Ricketts gave Trump-kins
He must think the faithful are bumpkins
With timing that stinks
it’s a crime that might jinx
the Cubbies to turn into pumpkins.


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Rest in Peace

by Monica Deree

With the Royals in need
the universe responded
thus the Rally Mantis was born.

A beautiful gift
for this suffering team
bringing eighteen wins in his wake.

But now he’s retired
the Royals’ season is over,
and the World Series will see new blood.


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More Mistakes by the Lake

by Michael X. Ferraro

The Cavs’ title notwithstanding,
poor Cleveland’s back to Clevelanding–
a fielding fiasco
by Carlos Carrasco
plus Pryor’s alleged grandstanding.


Carlos Carrasco injured, exits after 2 pitches

The Browns get hosed on a ridiculous taunting penalty against Terrelle Pryor

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Boston Sweeps Yanks

by Stephen Jones

Yankee fans always like to boast;
Instead, they got Pinstripe toast.

Time to give up chance’s ghost?
After Boston, it’s an almost.


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More Mistakes by the Lake

Boston Sweeps Yanks


Backing Into the Title, or How the Clinch Stole Christmas

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