Wait ‘Til Next Gear

by Hilary Barta

Their division is ripe for the pluckin’
But the Cubs went from winnin’ to suckin’
Just last year they were groovin’
Now the team can’t get movin’
And first is the gear that they’re stuck in.


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Time on the Poetic DL

by James Finn Garner

My similes have got sore knees.
My metaphors? Batting .184.
My anapest is not the best
And there’s no distance on my assonance.
Even sunny Rick Renteria
Pooh-poohs my onomatopoeia.

I’m sitting this week, or else ere long
My brain’ll need a Tommy John.


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“Joe Dimaggio Done It Again” by Billy Bragg and Wilco


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Disparate Thoughts

by Jim Siergey

Did Vida Blue
ever pitch to
Dick Brown?

Did Bill White
ever fight
with Bud Black?

Was Dallas Green
ever mean
to Tyler Houston?

Did Mike Trout
ever dine out
with Tim Salmon?

Did Martinez, Carmelo
ever have Mark Lemongello
for dessert?


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Baseball Is . . .

by Stephen Jones

A contradiction—

of lazy clouds which
like counted sheep
unroll slowly overhead,
and did-you-see-that plays,
routinely made, which
flicker like lightning
beneath the skin.

Baseball was—and is—
born slow,
with metaphors for a head,
but when least expected,
it will rage—a storm.


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Disparate Thoughts

Baseball Is . . .

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