Never Troubled

by Anonymous (1910)

We baseball bards can write a screed,
Without half trying.
It is an easy field, indeed,
For versifying.
Some bards are stuck from time to time,
And half demented,
But as for us, a word to rhyme,
May be invented.


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Andy Coakley: Born Too Soon

by R.J. Lesch

When Andy Coakley, traded to the Cubs
in time for ’08′s crazy pennant race,
received one of the pettiest of snubs
and didn’t get World Series dough, the case
of Coakley v. the Cubs went to the courts.
He knew he didn’t rate a full share, but
he thought he should get something. But all sorts
of calumnies got thrown into his gut.
“He’s so ungrateful,” said the press. “He should
be booted out.” And so he spent his prime
in outlaw leagues. His arm was just no good
by when he made it back to the big time.

When Coakley got the shafting from his team,
free agency was still a distant dream.



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Baseball Off the Field

by Stephen Jones

Sometimes the game’s best catch
Is the one that’s in the stands–

Not the web gem “Wow!” we see
Highlighted on sports TV.

It’s maybe a juggle of beer and . . . snatch,
Making the grab bare hand.


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MLB All-Fish Team

by James Finn Garner

From an idea by Steve Fiffer

1B Sid Bream
2B Chico Salmon
SS Lee Elia
3B Melvin Mora
LF Ralph Garr
CF Mike Trout
RF Kevin Bass
C Carlton Fishk
LHP Steve Trout, Ryan Karp
RHP Dizzy Trout, Mudcat Grant
M Earl Weever


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The Duke of Tralee

by the Village Elliott

For Roger Bresnahan

Jints’ catcher, start of last century
First in “Bigs” to guard his shin and knee
McGraw’s Irish gamer
Intense Hall-of-Famer
Roger Bresnahan, “Duke of Tralee”

On Saturday, June 20, Buster Posey became the first Giants catcher to steal a base and hit a grand slam in the same game in 107 years since “The Duke of Tralee.”


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MLB All-Fish Team

The Duke of Tralee

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