Free Fall Blue Moon

by The Village Elliott

Since the A’s, with late season swoon
(Cross-Bay rival Jints, started in June,
.     Lately stopped their free fall),
.     Have backs up against wall,
Next Bay Bridge Series due on Blue Moon.


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October Calling

by Doug Fahrendorff

150 days in first place
The season
Winding down
Playoffs within reach
Success or Failure
On the next ten games
Like every team
Brewers hoping
Heroes will emerge


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Jake Arrieta, Opportunity Knocks

By Stuart Shea

Jake’s pretty tough–
He has no-hit stuff
Each time he goes out to play.

It’s hard to countenance,
But giving him a chance
Just wasn’t the Oriole way.


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Playoff Letter to The Yankees

by Stephen Jones

Dear Yankees: You’d better grasp
Your playoff circumstance.

With just a month to play,
It’s time for you to seize the day.

The games you should have won
Now haunt you.  Are you  done?

Wake up offense!  Shake off slumber!
Hello team . . . it’s now September.

Yours truly, and all the rest . . .
But you’d better put out your best.

P.S.: Otherwise, it’s game over -
And a sad end for Derek Jeter.


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Jints Leapfrog is Dead

by the Village Elliott

Jints fans cheered first game, won nine to none,
“Sweep next two, leapfrog Bums, they is done!”
.      But next 19 runs said,
.      “Jints blanked leapfrog is dead,
Doubt Kershaw will lose final one.”


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Playoff Letter to The Yankees

Jints Leapfrog is Dead

Full-on Collapse, Rhyming Dictionary Edition, Part 1

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