Barney Leaves the Rubble Behind

by Michael X. Ferraro

Darwin Barney’s sigh
reverberates through LA
sound of an ex-Cub


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Free and Fair Trade

By Stuart Shea

What’s the price
For David Price?
A bowl of rice
With a ton of spice?
A new device
That gives advice?
A pair of dice,
or Heidi Fleiss?
A box of lice
Would not be nice,
and a bunch of mice
Squashed in a vise
Will not entice
A deal for Price.


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The Awful Throw

by Stephen Jones

Ryan Raburn’s awful throw –
Perhaps the most errant ever made
(At least so far this MLB season,
As tabloids quickly blurted) –
Left Cleveland fans in disbelief.

It was painful to watch and
Made ESPN’s “Not Top 10″

But, as one pundit did remark,
While Raburn is a Golden Glover
This one errant bit of fallibility
Reinforces our short-term memory and
“What’ve you done for me lately?”


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Frank Thomas

by James Finn Garner

A Ferrari swing
In a Hummer body

A lumbering frame
On limber ankles

A clean blood test
In a filthy era

The Big Hurt on the field
The big heart in the speech

Paying the price
Of small-market loyalty
But it’s oh so nice
To be Cooperstown royalty


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“All the Way” by Eddie Vedder

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Frank Thomas

“All the Way” by Eddie Vedder

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