Oh Doctor! Yanks in Six

by the Village Elliott

Since “Dem Bums Clubbed Bear Babies,” who knows:
If Bronx Baby Bombers bash ‘Stros,
Are Dodgers Yanks’ “cousin”
Ninth time out of dozen?
Jah must know ‘cuz he asked Billy Loes.*


* Before dem Bums met the Bronx Bombers in the 1952 World Series, Brooklyn’s resident northpaw wit Billy Loes, when asked his prediction for the series, was quoted, “Yanks in Six.” Headlined the next day, Loes claimed he was misquoted. “I said, ‘Yanks in seven.'”

The Yankees and Dodgers have met in 11 previous times, the most any two teams have met in the Fall Classic (Second, Yanks-Giants (5-2); third, Yanks-Cards (2-3).┬áThe Yankees have won eight (1941, ’47, ’49, ’52, ’53, ’56, ’77, ’78). The Dodgers won in 1955 (Brooklyn’s only crown), ’63 and ’81.

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When Starters Depart, the Heartbreak Doth Start

by Hilary Barta

A grating, familiar motif,
The state of which fills one with grief:
Cubs go to the pen
And lo, once again
In late innings, still no relief.


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Nat’s All, Folks

by James Finn Garner

Must we
Fire Dusty
‘Cuz Scherzer
Got worser
And Harper
Will scarper
And Wieters
Missed a beat, sir?

The manager who
Delivered the Nats
To the brink
Shouldn’t shoo
When pitchers and bats
Made the stink.


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Rue Confessions

by James Finn Garner

It’s time for apple picking
I need to clean the gutters
Might fix that drawer that’s sticking
Closet mess gives me shudders

Books to read, letters to pen,
Chores too numerous to name
I’d trade all this, plus more again
If I could watch another game.


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Yankees 5, Astros 0

by Stephen Jones

Masahiro Tanaka folded
The Houston Astros batters like paper.
Seven innings of zen on the mound.
And, not to be outdone, Yankee batters
Pounded Dallas Keuchel into the ground.


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Rue Confessions

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