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Unctuous Aiken Poem

By Stuart Shea

Houston drafted a pitcher named Aiken
Then said he was damaged, though his elbow ain’t achin’.
No one agreed on appropriate bacon,
Makin’ non-achin’ Aiken’s a special deal-breakin’.


Springertime in Houston

By Stuart Shea

This George Springer–
A real humdinger,
From-the-heels swinger,
Highlight bringer,
Bad-pitch stinger,
But for all we know
He’s not much of a singer.

Jake in June

By Stuart Shea

Freed from the Oriole Way
Was Jake Arrietay
Came to Chicago to play
Did Jake Arrietay.
Mowed down hitters all day
Did Jake Arrietay
With a beard of sunburned hay
Did Jake Arrietay.

Lincecum, Lince Go

By Stuart Shea

It’s once again chic
To follow the Freak.
While San Diego hitters
Would probably rather be someplace like Mozambique.


By Stu Shea

Plays for the Reds
And not Morocco
Does Devin Mesoraco.

Has he driven a Hummer
Or just a Scirocco?
Ask Devin Mesoraco.

With a bat in his hands
Imitates Johnny Socko
Does Devin Mesoraco.

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