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For Major Leaguers Past Their Prime

by Stephen Jones

Empty as an aerosol can.
In baseball, it’s called
Shuttin’ it down.

“Time was, I had a full tank,
And I could drive forever.
Now I’m O-for-infinity
And can’t even get a walk.
Once, I used to clubhouse park
And boast about October.
Now it’s a car called Legacy
In which I’m just a rider.”

Funny, how baseball is
Timeless — and yet we’re all
Mortal in the business.


Crunch Time

by Hilary Barta

When cramping and losing your grip,
Don’t panic! Get fluids and sip
And so systems won’t flood,
Enlist the old spud,
That champ of snack foodstuffs, the chip.


Dealing with cramping in his right hand, Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel was told by his doctor to eat more potato chips for their potassium.


The Boy

By Stuart Shea

The boy
Held a passel of baseball cards
Dating from before his birth
(His time on earth
Not even a thought)
With joy


“Baseball, Baseball” by Jane Morgan

Bride of All-Star Clerihews

Wilson Ramos
Has become famos
As catcher for the Nats–
Must be the way that he squats.

Francisco Lindor
Likes to golf indoors.
As dangerous as his home gets,
His kids have learned to wear helmets.

Michael Saunders
When his mind meanders
Imagines himself in toque, cape and shorts
Savior of the Great White North.

Matt Wieters
Is such a fussy eater
On every dinner date
He asks an ump to brush his plate.


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