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Natural Selection for Darwin

by James Finn Garner

Darwin Barney is out of a job
One more part of the unemployed mob
.    To see his kid’s birth
.    He ceded his berth
Now at the playground he’ll get to hobnob.

Springertime in Houston

By Stuart Shea

This George Springer–
A real humdinger,
From-the-heels swinger,
Highlight bringer,
Bad-pitch stinger,
But for all we know
He’s not much of a singer.

Jake in June

By Stuart Shea

Freed from the Oriole Way
Was Jake Arrietay
Came to Chicago to play
Did Jake Arrietay.
Mowed down hitters all day
Did Jake Arrietay
With a beard of sunburned hay
Did Jake Arrietay.

Imploring the Fates to Intercede on Behalf of the Baseball Fans of the North Side of Chicago

By Stuart Shea

Right by the lake,
The home of mistakes,
Wrigley Field, where fans make a din.

100 years old,
Stories untold,
Waiting for a World Series win.

Tickle this town!
Just one crown
Would make the old and young ones grin.

Will it be so?
Will we ever know
The joy of a winner
That feels just like sin?


Cubbies and Commies

by Hilary Barta

Sox slugger Abreu is hot
While the ugly-ass Cubbies are not
So much fun for the Hose
While the Cubs decompose
Is it drugs? Or a Communist plot?


Jose Abreu won both AL Player of the Month and AL Rookie of the Month for his record-breaking performance in April.  He led the majors in HRs (10), RBIs (32), total bases and extra-base hits, and also set major league rookie records for each of those categories.


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