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Owning October

by Doug Fahrendorff

The comeback kids are champs
Trailing late in games
Different players stepping up
From Gordon’s home run
To Hosmer’s dash for home
Not forgetting
The steady leadership of Perez
Or the brilliant bullpen
The entire team contributed
To keeping the line moving
Defeating Gotham’s Dark Knight
No easy task
A victory well deserved
Celebrate Kansas City


Torii Hunter is Retiring

By Stuart Shea

Farewell, Torii,
Always a good story . . .
With your amazing catches,
Your religious dispatches,
Your homers and doubles,
Your OBP troubles.
You don’t like gay marriage,
But you don’t have to get one,
And I hope you enjoy the rest of your life,
With your kids and your wife.


What a Season — And It Ain’t Over Yet

by James Finn Garner

So now, my friends, it has come to this,
The World Series of 2015
The kids ablaze on the New York Amazin’s
Versus the Big Blue Royal Machine.

Let’s consider all that’s gone before
As we bid the warm weather goodbye
Some teams did roll as had been foretold
While others came through with surprise.

The new Cubbie kids swung some mean bats
The Blue Jays refused to show fear
Motown fell dead, now needs a retread
While the Giants await an even year.

The Dodgers in their close-ups again blinked
Staid St. Louis became hot and unglued
The Nationals sputtered, then throttled each other
The Lone Star State watched a marvelous feud

So when someone tells you baseball is boring,
Whether online, at work, in a bar,
Don’t chuckle or sigh. Look them straight in the eye
And say, “Baseball’s not boring — you are.”


Victory Lapped Up

by Hilary Barta

It’s brutal, New York in a sweep
Our beautiful dreams in a heap
St. Louis, detested,
Chicago had bested
But swept by the Mets? What the bleep!


Each step that the Cubbies had made
Champagne in the clubhouse was sprayed
But now all the fun
Brut showers are done
For losing they hold no parade.


The unknowns on the Cubs have made gains
But have shown that some work still remains
On youth the team’s based
And a truth must be faced:
With growing there always comes pains.


Learning Curve Ball

by Hilary Barta

The errors, a pitch that went wild
Mistakes on lost chances were piled
Cubs lacked, we’re depressed
But a fact must be stressed:
Of rookies this team is compiled.


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