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Joe Torre

by Stephen Jones

Joe Torre
Made his way
To Cooperstown
Because he showed
His greatest stat
Was to listen
To what was said
So, he quietly led
By example
Showing patience
And humanity
In the dugout
On the field
And before any camera


April 8, 1974 (Side 1, Track 1)

By Stuart Shea

It was 40 years ago today
The Bums came to ‘Lanta to play
Al Downing tried to pitch with style,
But Hank hit the ball a country mile.

So let me introduce to you—the righty with the mighty swing…
Henry Aaron’s record-breaking bomb !


The brand new edition of Stu’s book, Wrigley Field: The Long Life and Contentious Times of the Friendly Confines, is on sale now.


National League East 2014 Spring Training Haiku

by Stuart Shea

Upton up and down?
Uggla ugly or upward?
Freddie a Free Man?

Now that everyone
Has left the stadium, the
Rebuild can begin.

A farewell to arms—
No Harvey, no Mejia?
And one fat Colon.

Welcome, Matt Williams!
Now that you’re here, it’s assumed
You’ll win right away.

Old men, broken down,
Troll the green fields of the town,
Searching for what’s gone.


Andy Pafko, R.I.P.

by Mark Braun

Pipe down folks:
There’s a legend at the mike.
He may not be the type you like;
but in his day, long before you began,
the world was breathlessly in love with the man.

Adios, Andy.


Andrew “Handy Andy” Pafko (1921–2013)

by Hilary Barta

Out in center he proved to be handy
Once, hell-bent, made a shoe-string, a dandy
A bad call, threw a fit
(With the ball still in mitt)
What a gent through and through was our Andy.


At this time of year, there’s no spookier fright than checking out Hilary’s monster-movie limerick site, LimerWrecks.

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