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Astros 15, Yankees 1

by Stephen Jones

In the beginning . . . of this baseball history,
Yankee Ivan Nova–he was not so super–
Got burned by Houston’s big bang theory.
Others followed–they couldn’t stop it either.

The Astros’ rain of runs, a meteor shower
Of them, had done in the old Pinstripers.


Yankees 4, Twins 3

by Stephen Jones

Coming-out party
Rookie Greg Bird home-runs twice
The Baby Bomber


Miller and Tex

by Hart Seely

With apologies to Robert Frost

Some say the team will end with Miller,
Some say with Tex.
From what I’ve seen of bullpen filler,
I’d much prefer a quicker killer.
But if we’re bound to perish next,
I think I know enough of fate
To say that for destruction, Tex
Is not as great
As oral sex.


Bronx Bummer

by Stephen Jones

Blue Jays sweep Bombers.
A case of Toronto flak.
Who now wins the war?


Bye Bye, Billy

by Jim Siergey

This gentle gent
on the mound was fierce

In Sox fans’ hearts
he is held the dearest

The Pale Hose ace
Walter William Pierce

(and many thanks
for beatin’ those Yanks)


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