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Cubbies and Commies

by Hilary Barta

Sox slugger Abreu is hot
While the ugly-ass Cubbies are not
So much fun for the Hose
While the Cubs decompose
Is it drugs? Or a Communist plot?


Jose Abreu won both AL Player of the Month and AL Rookie of the Month for his record-breaking performance in April.  He led the majors in HRs (10), RBIs (32), total bases and extra-base hits, and also set major league rookie records for each of those categories.


Song for Jose Abreu

By Stuart Shea

Abreu, Abre me
Bring a thrilling White Sox rally,
Abre them, Abre us,
Causing such a highlights fuss.
Abre we, Abre they,
Will you hit a bomb today?
Swing that bat, oh mercy do,
Abre me, Abreu.


Backstop in Bloom

by Jim Siergey

It’s Spring!
is blooming
Tyler’s hitting full tilt.
But, Dang!
The hours
are looming
we know Flowers will wilt.


American League Central 2014 Spring Training Haiku

by Stuart Shea

Can the Sox play tough?
White indicates purity…
Are dirty suits allowed?

If only Swisher
Struck out more often…but then,
Truth ain’t poetry.

The old roar is gone…
No more sneaking cigarettes.
It’s a young man’s turn.

It is difficult
To keep from strangling youth with
High expectations.

Mauer ain’t sour,
He’s heretofore banished from
Those bad Twins hurlers.


Losstown Classic: Flubs Vs. Sux

by Hilary Barta

What a year, there’s a lot to forget
Wipe it clear, like you’d blot a bad debt
No more seasons of pain
No reprise! No refrain!
Drink your beer — down a shot, better yet.


Hilary Barta, famed comic illustrator (The Simpsons, SpongeBob), runs the pop culture limerick site LimerWrecks, to which you should direct your browser now.


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