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Pathetic Athletics

by Jim Siergey

I pity the fans of Oakland
Now known as the city of Chokeland
.    Those tumbling A’s
.    Are humbled and dazed
Time to chill out and just take a toke, man


“Outsmarted” A’s

by The Village Elliott

Trades ‘Rough Diamond’ like common gravel:
Pulled string starting A’s to unravel?!?
.   Though the jury’s still out,
.   Final verdict, no doubt:
“Beane outsmarted self” when judge pounds gavel.


Free Fall Blue Moon

by The Village Elliott

Since the A’s, with late season swoon
(Cross-Bay rival Jints, started in June,
.     Lately stopped their free fall),
.     Have backs up against wall,
Next Bay Bridge Series due on Blue Moon.


Full-on Collapse, Rhyming Dictionary Edition, Part 1

by Stu Shea

It’s most un-Athletic
To play so pathetic.
I’m quite empathetic,
But it ain’t copacetic
To lose one’s aesthetic
And become an emetic.
Perhaps a prosthetic
Would cure this pandemic,
Or maybe just someone who can hit a fsckin’ baseball.


This is Just to Say, from the White Sox

by James Finn Garner

With apologies to William Carlos Williams

We have traded
Adam Dunn
who was clogging
the payroll

to the A’s
in a pennant race
for a bag
of rocks

Forgive us
he was ridiculous
so whiffable
and so old


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