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What a Season — And It Ain’t Over Yet

by James Finn Garner

So now, my friends, it has come to this,
The World Series of 2015
The kids ablaze on the New York Amazin’s
Versus the Big Blue Royal Machine.

Let’s consider all that’s gone before
As we bid the warm weather goodbye
Some teams did roll as had been foretold
While others came through with surprise.

The new Cubbie kids swung some mean bats
The Blue Jays refused to show fear
Motown fell dead, now needs a retread
While the Giants await an even year.

The Dodgers in their close-ups again blinked
Staid St. Louis became hot and unglued
The Nationals sputtered, then throttled each other
The Lone Star State watched a marvelous feud

So when someone tells you baseball is boring,
Whether online, at work, in a bar,
Don’t chuckle or sigh. Look them straight in the eye
And say, “Baseball’s not boring — you are.”


Elvis Andrus Has Left the Skydome

by James Finn Garner

The Rangers earned one freaky run
On a play that had never been done
But three errors later
Lady Luck proved a traitor
And the Jays’ way the pendulum swung.


When Astros Hurlers Fall to Earth

by James Finn Garner

Walt Harris
Called his therapist

Tony Sipp
Stared and pulled his lip

Luke Gregerson’s
Nervous rash worsened

And the team vowed to shake it off, man,
Before trying to steal Game 5 at Kaufmann.


First-Time Caller, Long-Time Listener

by James Finn Garner

It’s how it’s done
Gotta play hard
It’s how it’s done
He should’ve watched out
It’s how it’s done
No room for cry-babies
It’s how it’s done
You gotta want to win
It’s how it’s done
It’ll happen again
It’s how it’s done
Glad it’s not my guy


The Passion of Sean Rodriguez

By James Finn Garner

You think all your dues’ve been paid
You’d love a post-season parade
But Jake Arrieta
Could not have been better —
What to do except punch Gator-Ade?


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