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Andy Coakley: Born Too Soon

by R.J. Lesch

When Andy Coakley, traded to the Cubs
in time for ’08′s crazy pennant race,
received one of the pettiest of snubs
and didn’t get World Series dough, the case
of Coakley v. the Cubs went to the courts.
He knew he didn’t rate a full share, but
he thought he should get something. But all sorts
of calumnies got thrown into his gut.
“He’s so ungrateful,” said the press. “He should
be booted out.” And so he spent his prime
in outlaw leagues. His arm was just no good
by when he made it back to the big time.

When Coakley got the shafting from his team,
free agency was still a distant dream.



The Title of This Poem About Last Night’s Cubs/Indians 17-0 Game is Longer Than the Poem Itself

By Stuart Shea

The Indians stunk out the joint,
and the Cubs converted the extra point.


Wrigley’s RF Bleachers

by Stephen Jones

The right-field bleacher seats at Wrigley,
A part of stadium renovation, are open
And no longer “under construction”.

Dexter Fowler anointed them,
A solo home-run blessing in the third,
As the Cubs’ won 6-3 over the Reds.


A Tale of Two Schneids

by the Village Elliott

Read poems of two teams, each known for schneid,
Longest streaks Series’ titles denied,
Longest droughts in each league,
Chi Cubs North Siders dig,
Lou “The Toe” kicked-in Indians’ pride.

Windy City’s long-time N.L. pride,
Most fans know Cubs have worst Series schneid,
‘Oh-eight year Cubs last won,
T.R. refused to run.
Cleveland’s last: post three years Cubs last tried.

‘Forty-eight: Last time Tribe had Right Stuff.
Indians, in my lifetime, all bluff.
Finished thrice A.L. first,
Series lost, fans’ dream burst.
To keep faith must be mentally tough.

Rooting for Cleveland teams makes fans frown,
Fifty years have passed by since last crown;
Town last won title game
The year “A Man I Became.”
‘Sixty-four: Browns won running Jim Brown.

Cleveland Browns quite a curious case.
Two leagues first score years, eight times win race.
Rocky, Brown, Browns leave town,
Then LeBron lets Cavs down.
Browns reborn, best, Le Bron’s back right place.


The Cubs Will

by Michael Shevick

Ever the optimist,
Ernie might have said, “The Cubs will come alive
In two-oh-one-five.”

The Cubs do look good, I say,
But I can’t forget yesterday.
Hey say, that history will re-Pete (Lacock).
The Cubs history is replete with defeat,
They are in the elite of defeat.

It was 1908 when they last won the Big Dance,
The captain of that team was the peerless Frank Chance,

Of course Tinkers and Evers were there, too,
And Ronnie Wicker was not, but he would say, “Woo Woo.”

There were many that followed, but to think about it causes me strain.
At least it was the White Sox who had a player nicknamed “Old Aches and Pains”.
Many were crummy, some were downright bad.
There was Lou Novikoff, who was just mad.

I had the displeasure of seeing Moe Thacker and Andre Rogers play,
And Boots Day, who had a short stay.

I saw the ’69 team which gave their all,
Ernie, Ronnie, Billy and Fergie all made the Hall,

Leo ran that team into the ground,
Randy the Rebel couldn’t lose another pound,

’69 should have caused me to push the button,
Still, I am a glutton.

1984 was quite a blow, Watched Sarge, Ryno and Sutcliffe put on a show,
That damn Garvey and the bircher were loathsome foes.
Still, the Pods to the series did go,
But the Tigers and Kirk Gibson sent them home with a No.

Then there was ’89, ’98 and 2003.
The result was the same.
At least in 2003, we had the fat guy to blame.

Any reaonsble person would flee,
Do you think Harry Caray would agree?

Still, I think the guys in the front office now are smarter,
They even are talking about signing a number-one starter.
Optimism about the Cubs has always been wrong,
But Soler, Bryant and Baez are better than Dale Long,

And Bub Buhl and Scott Thompson, those two get the gong.
If Steve Goodman were alive, he’d write another song.

Kevn Orie, was oh-so-sorry.

Arrieta and Hendricks looked great last season,
If they add an ace, there might be a reason–

Ok, again, I’m drinking that Cubs Kool-Aid,
In 2015, we’ve got it made.


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