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Crunch Time

by Hilary Barta

When cramping and losing your grip,
Don’t panic! Get fluids and sip
And so systems won’t flood,
Enlist the old spud,
That champ of snack foodstuffs, the chip.


Dealing with cramping in his right hand, Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel was told by his doctor to eat more potato chips for their potassium.


“Baseball, Baseball” by Jane Morgan

Summer Cold

by Hilary Barta

Once so hot they could jump in the Lake,
Cubs looked shot as they slumped toward the break.
While Joe Maddon stays placid
We old fans drop antacid
‘Cause we’ve had all the lumps we can take.


All-Star Game Clerihews

Salvador Perez–
No matter what anyone says–
Denies ever sharing a tanning booth
With Dr. Ruth.

Jose Altuve
Is fond of the movies,
Especially those that feature
Brain-eating creatures.

Mike Trout
Sulks and pouts.
As the sole Angel, he doesn’t get very far
With his funny imitation of Yunel Escobar.

Ben Zobrist
Has always been so pissed
At being last alphabetically
That he takes his revenge athletically.


Dainty, Ain’t He?

by Michael X. Ferraro

John Lackey, don’t you hear that sound
as you harrumph upon the mound?
David Ross, do your Cub ears twitch
as you jog toward the errant pitch?

That noise — whoooosh — ain’t what you reckoned
…………..BillyHamiltonjustscoredfromsecond !


Reds’ Billy Hamilton scored from second on passed ball Tuesday, thanks to Cubs’ laziness

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