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Wild Card

by Stephen Jones

One game.
Thereby a team hangs by a thread.

One game.
Win and move on. Lose . . . enuff said.



by Hilary Barta

The Cubs clinch a playoff game berth
The Fat Lady’s checking her girth
Chicago postseason . . .
Where’s logic, where’s reason?
Spin backwards, you beautiful Earth!


How the Rookie Doesn’t Crumble

by Hilary Barta

How well can most newbies absorb
The pressure of hitting the orb?
By wags we are told
They’ll flag and they’ll fold–
Don’t tell the young rookie called “Schwarbs.”


Quintin Berry Had ONE JOB

By Stuart Shea

Quintin Berry has one role–
Quintin Berry, pinch-runner?

Quintin Berry, never caught?
Stealing second, last of ninth?

Quintin Berry’s jump is bad–
Tony Cruz makes the throw–


Just One Concern

By Stuart Shea

The Cubs may make the playoffs–
it’s getting serious…
Unless the pitching staff
Develops diptherious.


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