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Off Season, On the Bright Side

by Hilary Barta

Goodbye pitches and homers well struck
So long switch-hits and gnome-beards for luck
No more blasts, no more clout
That’s the last, final out
It’s a bitch–but there’s no more Joe Buck.


Invasion of the Astro Monsters

by Hilary Barta

Now back ‘neath the palm trees they meet
Bats blacked, baseballs scuffed, take your seat
With zombies and witches
And bombs hit off pitches
Will LA get a trick or a treat?


Captain Nepotism

by Hilary Barta

Stupendous long blasts have been struck!
Tremendous big bats run amok!
The game has gone mad!
It’s shameless and bad!
Please end this at last! Dump Joe Buck!


That’ll Show ‘Em

by Jim Siergey

A homer! I caught it. Look, see?
So many would love to be me!
But, not from a ‘Stro (shit!)
So back I must throw it
to prove I have team loyalty.


Not Michael Jordan?

by Hilary Barta

Hitting blasts by the ton, bats were bended
But the Astros had won when it ended
The American League
Took good care of Yas Puig
And then sassed him with tongues all extended.


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