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by the Village Elliott

How ironic first Series replay
Reversed turns game with double play,
.  For three decades ago,
.  Royals won when it ain’t so,
Now Don Denkinger’s gift they repay.


Super Non-Collider

by Jim Siergey

A hit off of Bum that was erred
but Gordon was stopped there at third.
.   To home was not steered
.   Was “Posey Rule” feared?
A Shot ‘Round the World now unheard.


The Seventh Game

by the Village Elliott

Once again starting pitching had sucked;
Saved by double play Joe Panik plucked;
.     Bochy didn’t have a doubt
.     Mad Bum would get last out,
And Royals’ title the Giants abduct.

(Kansas City is Royally f**ked!)


The Panda

by the Village Elliott

Pablo Sandoval, with Panda heft,
At the hot corner is mighty deft,
Hits and throws: Left and Right,
A Fall Classic delight,
Be a shame if the Giants he left.


More Mad Bum

by the Village Elliott

Once again, Jints southpaw with stubble
Burst the K.C. Royals scoring bubble,
.     Mad Bum’s second shutout
.     Leaves most fans little doubt,
The Royals’ Series title’s in trouble.


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