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Realigned Adjustment

by the Village Elliott

For the McCovey Cove Splash Hit at Pac Bell Park

Two years since last adjusting “Splash Sign”,
Brandon Belt smashed Splash Hit 69.
Since Belt hit 68,
Reckon it’s Brandon’s fate
To splash next one when stars realign.

Visitors have splashed 17 more.
Three foes hit three each, no one’s hit four.
Over half Jints’ number
Off Barry Bond’s lumber–
Quite impressive when smashed splash hits soar.


South Side Hit’n’Miss Men

by Jim Siergey

The White Sox signed lefty bat Morneau
But hold off before saying “Bongiorno”
You’ll just have to wait
For Justin’s plate date
Because his damn elbow is torn so.


Give Credit Where Due

by the Village Elliott

To Red Sox’┬áChris Young

The Red Sox beat the Giants in 10.
Final score: 5 to 3, leaky ‘pen.
Play in seventh was key:
First and third, one out, the
Jints ahead, but did not score again.

When Ortiz topped the ball to right side,
Giants need to turn two. Crawford tried.
Young, runner, eluded
The tag, play concluded:
One on, two outs, with Giants, Sox tied.


Noggin Floggin’

by Hilary Barta

In baseball it’s pitching that matters,
But aim for the plate, not the batters.
The game should be weaning
From brush-back and beaning,
Or make all its players hard-hatters.


This week’s┬átopic at Hilary’s terrific site, LimerWrecks: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


Viva Las Memory

by the Village Elliott

For “The Greatest,” Mohammad Ali nee Cassius Clay (1/17/1942-6/3/2016); “The King,” Elvis Presley (1/8/1935-8/16/1977); and “The Bear,” Sonny Liston (5/8/1932-12/30/1970)

Met Ali in LV, ’63.
Elvis stayed, filmed same hotel as me.
Went to see Liston play,
Met instead Cassius Clay,
My Greatest “Viva Las Memory.”

I’m from St. Louis. In July 1963, my father scored a three day comp for the Sahara Hotel in Vegas, a week before the Liston-Patterson rematch. He had ties with the local boxing community and had met Liston through “his People,” from whom he scored the comps.

The comp also included tickets to the show. We attended the dinner show. Allen and Rossi (“Hello, There…”) opened for Paul Anka. Waiting in the lobby before hand , my mother commented on “the big greaser” standing in front of us loud enough that he couldn’t pretend he didn’t hear. When he turned around, I met a vary gracious Paul Anka.

You can look it up: These were the three days Elvis filmed Viva Las Vegas at the Sahara. I didn’t meet Elvis, or Ann-Margret, but when we went over to visit the Liston camp at the Dunes(?), I met someone even more iconic. Not Liston, who wasn’t there, but:

Walking through the lobby as we were leaving, my father became excited, purchased a post card and said, “Go get that large black man’s autograph.” I had no idea who he was, even after I got it. Three days later, after he invaded Liston’s training camp, everyone knew who Cassius Clay was.

Yes, though Liston may have been “The (Current) Champ” and Elvis may be “The (Once and Future) King”, I met “The Greatest.”

Eight months later, the last week of February 1964, Cassius Clay shocked the world. A few days later on Thursday, he came out as Mohammad Ali. On Saturday, the 29th, I was Bar Mitzvahed and came out as Elijah. I’ve always had an affinity with him

What happened to the autograph, you ask? Don’t ask. My father cried about it every day until he died three years later. He is probably still crying about it. In hindsight, it is fortunate we missed the Generation Gap confrontation that would have inevitably happen, especially when “debating” our opposing opinions on Ali’s CO stand.


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