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Royals’ Playoff Hopes

by the Village Elliott

K.C.’s playoff hopes are alive,
But they ain’t Danced since  ’85.’
.   While Bengals from Motown
.   Know how to get down,
Royals may need George Brett to arrive.


Pathetic Athletics

by Jim Siergey

I pity the fans of Oakland
Now known as the city of Chokeland
.    Those tumbling A’s
.    Are humbled and dazed
Time to chill out and just take a toke, man


“Outsmarted” A’s

by The Village Elliott

Trades ‘Rough Diamond’ like common gravel:
Pulled string starting A’s to unravel?!?
.   Though the jury’s still out,
.   Final verdict, no doubt:
“Beane outsmarted self” when judge pounds gavel.


Free Fall Blue Moon

by The Village Elliott

Since the A’s, with late season swoon
(Cross-Bay rival Jints, started in June,
.     Lately stopped their free fall),
.     Have backs up against wall,
Next Bay Bridge Series due on Blue Moon.


Jints Leapfrog is Dead

by the Village Elliott

Jints fans cheered first game, won nine to none,
“Sweep next two, leapfrog Bums, they is done!”
.      But next 19 runs said,
.      “Jints blanked leapfrog is dead,
Doubt Kershaw will lose final one.”


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