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Crunch Time

by Hilary Barta

When cramping and losing your grip,
Don’t panic! Get fluids and sip
And so systems won’t flood,
Enlist the old spud,
That champ of snack foodstuffs, the chip.


Dealing with cramping in his right hand, Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel was told by his doctor to eat more potato chips for their potassium.


Baseball’s Mysterious Ways

by the Village Elliott

Baseball works in mysterious ways.
Jints swept first nine games with Padres.
Though last three Pods swept,
Jints’ division lead kept
Because Bums lost two in same three days.


Summer Cold

by Hilary Barta

Once so hot they could jump in the Lake,
Cubs looked shot as they slumped toward the break.
While Joe Maddon stays placid
We old fans drop antacid
‘Cause we’ve had all the lumps we can take.


Pale Hose Woes

by Jim Siergey

S’been rough on the kids at The Cell
When called up, soon down they all fell
A backache, a foot break,
Concussions, fer chrissake!
Their trips to The Bigs’ve been from Hell

In the past week, White Sox minor league call-ups Kevyn Smith incurred back spasms during warm-ups before his initial appearance, outfielder Jason Coats suffered a concussion in a collision in his first inning of play and Matt Davidson broke his foot rounding first base after hitting a single.


Clout and Class

by Hilary Barta

On the road down in Cincy, Kris Bryant
Explodes for three homers, all giant
But the cheers “Curtain call”
On deaf ears would all fall
To such showboating Bryant’s defiant.

Kris Bryant hit three homers and two doubles on Monday night, but refused to come out of the dugout for a bow, despite cheers from fans and prodding from teammates, because he didn’t want to show up the Reds.

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