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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

by Jim Siergey

To first base a pitcher can’t throw?
A sure sign that runners will go
When walks mean a double
You’re talkin’ ’bout trouble
Fans at home slap their heads and scream “D’oh!”


It’s Kluberin’ Time!

by Hilary Barta

For Cleveland, the strike zone expanded
For Cubbies, all runners left stranded
It’s not luck, we’re not cursed
But we sucked in the first
And head to Game Two empty-handed.


Designated Heartthrob

by Hilary Barta

The hitter whom teammates call ‘Schwarbs’
Obliterates screaming fast orbs
His outfield decisions
Might lead to collisions
But admit it, this he-man’s adorbs.


The Weight is Over

by Hilary Barta

At Wrigley, a vine-tingling din
A wig-flipping, stein-raising win!
No more waiting and praying
Teeth grating, hair graying . . .
We did it, we’re finally IN!


Lester Leaps In

by Hilary Barta

In a series with thrills ev’ry minute,
Ace Lester has kept the Cubs in it
But hold on to your seat
‘Cause they still have to beat
Either Hill or (gasp!) Kershaw to win it.


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