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Junk Baller

by the Village Elliott

For Eddie Lopat, who pitched from 1944-55 with the White Sox, Yankees and Orioles.

Eddie Lopat threw junk that looked fat.
Hitters couldn’t wait to take their at bat,
But the pitch Eddie threw
Hitters always swung through,
‘Cause their bat ain’t where the ball was at.


Peavy and Cain (Or Two Days of Rain?)

by the Village Elliott

What to do about Peavy and Cain?
Will they both become winners again?
Or would Jints be smarter
To make Heston fourth starter,
Then on every fifth day pray for rain?


First Place Poised (2016 San Francisco Giants)

by the Village Elliott

If Mad Bum, John, Jeff stay on fire,
Bullpen does the job Jints require,
Brandons Crawford and Belt,
Posey, Pence earn their gelt,
Team’s poised for long race to the wire.

First place team’s looking good in the field,
But if mid-summer, those dinged ain’t healed,
They’ll have to acquire
Those whom they require
To plug any leaks GiantsĀ need sealed.


Random Drug Pests

By Hilary Barta

Arrieta keeps throwing the heat
Talking heads say they know he’s a cheat
“Jake has got to be juiced.”
“Guys this hot get a boost.”
They’ll be fed, and it’s crow they will eat.


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Ever Linked

by the Village Elliott

Pitcher Milt Pappas claimed he was dissed.
“I belong in the Hall,” he’d insist,
“Just like Catfish, Big D–
If they’re in, why not me?”
His argument, voters still resist.

Some fans think the impact Pappas made
As much off-field as on when Milt played;
“Clubhouse lawyer,” some said,
Even now that he’s dead,
Ever linked to Frank Robinson trade.


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