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Jake, Rattle & Roll

by Hilary Barta

In baseball no pitcher is betta
Than right-hander Jake Arrieta
On the mound he will stand
Cool, calm, in command,
And throw a no-hitter, no sweata!


Grand Slam Wandoo

by the Village Elliott

For the Giants Keystone Combo

Tomlinson hit first home run today,
Wham-Bam, hit a grand slam, Cha-Cha’s way.
Crawford’s first home run, too,
Was a Grand Slam Wandoo,
One more Giants keystone double play.


Head Case Study

by Hilary Barta

On a pitcher, the game makes demands
On his shoulders a weight sometimes lands
When tossing to first
Jon Lester could burst
But instead throws the ball in the stands.


Predicted Sweep

by the Village Elliott

Sweeping Giants at Wrigley makes clear:
Cubs are young team Chicago can cheer.
Will prediction come true
(Back to the Future, Part II),
And the Cubs win World Series this year?


Turn, Turn, Turn Off

by Jim Siergey

Just where is this White Sox team, please?
They can’t seem to pitch or bat, jeez!
That damn winning streak
Was merely a deke,
A page out of Ecclesiastes.


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