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The Big Picture

by Hilary Barta

Seats are dandy, a mile down from third
In the stands, way up high like a bird
In your eye-line, revealed
City skyline, green field
It’s so grand that you smile, feelings stirred.


Fractured Syntax: Now It’s Over, He’s Late

by The Village Elliott

For Yogi, who would have been 92 on 5/12/17

Today Yogi wouldn’t turn 92.
Early late, interred deep, bids adieu.
Buried late, folks would go,
“Now when over, he’ll show
‘Til it’s over once more, deja vu.”


Moncada o Nada

by Jim Siergey

Rick Hahn says the White Sox have gotta
Bright star in young Yoan Moncada
He paid with Chris Sale
So prays Yo don’t fail
Or they’ll both be personas non grata.


All-World Sage

by the Village Elliott

For Willie Mays, born 5/6/1931

Eighty-six years ago, sixth of May,
“Second Genius” kid reborn to play:
Willie Mays, baseball sage,
Struts on Bard’s All-World Stage,
Kid’s fans shout giant birthday “Say, Hey!”


It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Overblown

by Hilary Barta

The season in Baseball is long
There’s time to adjust stuff that’s wrong
No reason to hurry
So, easy, don’t worry
No sign of the fat lady’s song.


Hilary Barta is the proprietor of the essential classic film site, LimerWrecks.

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