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by Doug Fahrendorff

Junior Guerra
At age 31, a unique rookie
His baseball odyssey a winding road
Stops at Braves and Mets minor league affiliates
Independent ball
The Mexican league
And Italian pro baseball
This year he arrived in Milwaukee
His pitching success
A bright spot in a rebuilding year
However long his success lasts
It’s worthwhile
Celebrating his perseverance


All Hail Ichiro

by James Finn Garner

So many long years ago
Began spraying hits
And if it seems like it’s
Going to go on forever
(I mean, it never
Looks like he ages),
Remember the pages
Of record holders
Left to molder
When a young stud
Both lucky and good
Works to set a new mark
At the ball park.
In time a new hero
Will surpass Ichiro,
And the passage of time
Cruel and sublime
Will lose some of its sting
As we salute a new king.


Sox Machine, Gears Stripped

by Stuart Shea

The Sox Machine has broken down.
J-Roll is rolling out of town,
The latest on Latos isn’t good—
He’s available in trade for a cord of wood.
Nobody thinks it’s the manager’s fault
That the bullpen’s a victim of nightly assault
While the power hitters ain’t hittin’ or powerin’—
And it’s far too late to re-sign Moose Skowron.


Give Credit Where Due

by the Village Elliott

To Red Sox’ Chris Young

The Red Sox beat the Giants in 10.
Final score: 5 to 3, leaky ‘pen.
Play in seventh was key:
First and third, one out, the
Jints ahead, but did not score again.

When Ortiz topped the ball to right side,
Giants need to turn two. Crawford tried.
Young, runner, eluded
The tag, play concluded:
One on, two outs, with Giants, Sox tied.


Noggin Floggin’

by Hilary Barta

In baseball it’s pitching that matters,
But aim for the plate, not the batters.
The game should be weaning
From brush-back and beaning,
Or make all its players hard-hatters.


This week’s topic at Hilary’s terrific site, LimerWrecks: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


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