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Yankees 5, Astros 0

by Stephen Jones

Masahiro Tanaka folded
The Houston Astros batters like paper.
Seven innings of zen on the mound.
And, not to be outdone, Yankee batters
Pounded Dallas Keuchel into the ground.


Yankees 6, Astros 4

by Stephen Jones

Home field advantage — it means
A lot. So does heart. Right now,
The difference between the two
May be measured in intangibles —
Not measurables — and quirks
Of the game. This series … it may go
The distance — like two heavyweights
Who circle each other, mixing skill
And brute force, and each waiting….


Game 2 — Indians 9, Yankees 8

by Stephen Jones

Hard to figure–how Joe Girardi
Suddenly became a headlight-deer,
When he didn’t challenge a call
Last Friday night.

Sure, we saw it all
(Via instant replay’s unerring broadcast)
And it was clear that the ball
Had ricochet’d off the knob
Of a Chisenhall bat
(And, rightly, it shoulda been called
A not-hit-by-pitch foul ball).

Yep, it probably swung the game.
The Yankees went on to blow
Their five-run lead, and the Indians
Won it– 9 to 8. Now it seems

Everyone’s yelling “Off
With his head!” like an angry mob,
But not me. After all, since
2008, the Yankees can boast
The best winning percentage
In all the league–and that’s
All been on Joe Girardi’s watch.


Baseball Observation

by Stephen Jones

Most strikeouts and home runs in a season…
No, this was no “ball in play” season,
And everything wasn’t between the lines.

And maybe — somewhere — there is a reason
For records broken like stretched-out twine…
But just now, analytics don’t come to mind.

Maybe baseball’s met up with fiction?
Like Redford hit one into perdition?
(Dunno. In movies, metrics are out of season.)


Chasing October

by Doug Fahrendorff

For the Brewers and their fans
Dreams of a division title
Wildcard still in play
Six games left
Still work to do
Finish a great season
On a winning note
Hopefully a berth in the playoffs


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