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Owning October

by Doug Fahrendorff

The comeback kids are champs
Trailing late in games
Different players stepping up
From Gordon’s home run
To Hosmer’s dash for home
Not forgetting
The steady leadership of Perez
Or the brilliant bullpen
The entire team contributed
To keeping the line moving
Defeating Gotham’s Dark Knight
No easy task
A victory well deserved
Celebrate Kansas City


Gravity’s Rainbow

by F.X. Flinn

Escobar slashing launching
the booming start
like a kid’s first rocket
the pill going suborbital

speeding to splashdown
in deepest left center
two destroyers of hits
a joint Cuban – Ecotopian op

the fog of roar leaves
them blind to signals
the payload misses
the web deployed

in an instant they see
the horsehide capsule spinning
on the surface and then it’s gone
like Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7

Escobar breaks the siege
races home and later
on the bench winded
applies a pinch on his arm



by Barbara Gregorich

Listen, bub
Here’s the rub
The past is overturned
Fearsome opponents burned
That’s Cub


First-Time Caller, Long-Time Listener

by James Finn Garner

It’s how it’s done
Gotta play hard
It’s how it’s done
He should’ve watched out
It’s how it’s done
No room for cry-babies
It’s how it’s done
You gotta want to win
It’s how it’s done
It’ll happen again
It’s how it’s done
Glad it’s not my guy


Wild Card

by Stephen Jones

One game.
Thereby a team hangs by a thread.

One game.
Win and move on. Lose . . . enuff said.


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