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For Major Leaguers Past Their Prime

by Stephen Jones

Empty as an aerosol can.
In baseball, it’s called
Shuttin’ it down.

“Time was, I had a full tank,
And I could drive forever.
Now I’m O-for-infinity
And can’t even get a walk.
Once, I used to clubhouse park
And boast about October.
Now it’s a car called Legacy
In which I’m just a rider.”

Funny, how baseball is
Timeless — and yet we’re all
Mortal in the business.



by Stephen Jones

The trade deadline has
Come and gone. The smoke
Of the firesale has cleared.

And it’s hard to believe:
“Pinstripes” and “seller”
In the same sentence.

But for once, the Yankees
Thought of the future,
Not some gaudy names
Soon for the pasture.

At least that’s what I
Tell myself, as I
See this season
Put away, on the shelf.


The Boy

By Stuart Shea

The boy
Held a passel of baseball cards
Dating from before his birth
(His time on earth
Not even a thought)
With joy


Home Run Derby Winner

by Stephen Jones

Giancarlo Stanton swings his bat
Like John Henry swung his hammer.
When he connects, sparks fly.

No small wonder, that no pitcher
Wants to face this Marlin batter.



by Doug Fahrendorff

Junior Guerra
At age 31, a unique rookie
His baseball odyssey a winding road
Stops at Braves and Mets minor league affiliates
Independent ball
The Mexican league
And Italian pro baseball
This year he arrived in Milwaukee
His pitching success
A bright spot in a rebuilding year
However long his success lasts
It’s worthwhile
Celebrating his perseverance


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