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American League East 2014 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

Like other Canucks,
Jays fly south to Florida
But must return soon.

“Is his knee healed up?”
What about the pitching? The–
“Is his knee healed up?”

Wil Myers lead off?
Wil he be a new Joe D?
Wil success spoil him?

A bee swarm hovers,
Scaring off the ballplayers.
Nature owns nature.

The old men dream on,
Echoes of glory cascade
In crisp March sunshine.


Congrats to the Carmines (World Series Game #6)

by James Finn Garner

Shane Victorino
Finally killed the Curse of the Bambino
As the Carmines won
The first clincher at home since World War I.

John Lackey
Led the pitchers pack. He
Revelled in his power,
With Uehara, Workman and Tazawa.

Jonny Gomes,
Stephen Drew and Mike Napoli
Came through in Game 6
After playing somewhat crappily.

And Big Papi
Was voted World Series MVP.
Let the cheers ring out near Boston Harbor!
And haul your butts to a good barber!


The World Series: From Worst-To-First in Boston

by Stephen Jones

Today’s Boston papers proclaim to millions
“We Are The World – We Are The Champions”
While outside sources observe distantly
“Beards Beat Birds In World Series Finale”.

What impressed me, despite Big Papi’s MVP,
Was Boston’s locked-in baseball mentality.  The
Beer and chicken wings, and Valentine, were over,
Replaced now by focused Red Sox team fervor.

Pundits say it is money which holds the day
(After all, many teams are built by green sway).
I wonder: Yes, many teams don’t lack for salary, but
Their locker rooms aren’t built by such currency.


The Sprawl Classic

by Michael X. Ferraro

The base-paths at Busch are no place to be
if you want your game to end normally.
Boston and St. Louis learned the hard way
how dreams turn to chalk dust, on the last play.

Game 3’s conclusion was one for the books,
as Craig was obstructed by Middlebrooks.
That put the Redbirds in the driver’s seat,
‘Til Kolten got (picked) off, on the Wong feet.


Michael X. Ferraro is a screenwriter in Hollywoodland and author of  the book Tazed and Amused: The Shocking Poetic Recap of the 2010 Baseball Season.


How Boston Broke Loose, in Clerihews (World Series Game #5)

by James Finn Garner

Stephen Drew
Couldn’t hit his shoe
On the floor,
Then he walks in four.

Adam Wainwright
Could’ve pitched all night,
But maybe one less toss
To David Ross.

John Lester
Was no pitch molestor.
He could’ve saved himself the walk
Up to the chalk.

But Jacoby Ellsbury
Didn’t look like he had a worry
In the world,
Then a flare unfurled.


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