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Brewers Collapse in a Nutshell Haiku

by Tom Martin (@brew_haiku)

Game 140. Cardinals 3, Brewers 2
Brewers lose and the
State of Wisconsin says
“Meh, it’s football season”

Game 141. Brewers 6, Cardinals 2
Losing streak over
Fiers, Scooter and Davis shine
Winning streak at one

Game 142. Cardinals 5, Brewers 3
Lohse faces old team
Gives up a couple homers
Crew can’t bail him out

Game 143. Cardinals 7, Brewers 0
In 9th, who’s that passing us?
“Hi Pirates, on your way up!”
We keep on falling

Cardinals 9, Brewers 0
It’s Wei-Chung Wang time
Bernie Brewer to pitch next
Crew raises white flag

Redbird October

by Steven D. Johnson

I love America
.    I love Fall
.        I love October
.            I love baseball

Now September is here
October is near!
“Let’s Go Cardinals!”
The St. Louis fans cheer

In unwritten October saga
.    who will get the win?
.        Waino, Miller, Wacha,
.            Lackey, and Lance Lynn!

It’s the top of the first and the Cards field with grace
Bourjos in center field to Wong at second base
Then top of the lineup, Matheny will say,
“is Carpenter, Jay, and Matt Holliday”

I love America.  I love Fall.
.     I love St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

Now it’s bottom of the fifth.  Our first baseman is at bat –
last name Adams, first name Matt
With Peralta on deck and Molina in the hole
the Redbirds will surely give it body and soul

In Busch Stadium – baseball heaven
.    “Go Cards!” is our song
.        “Go Waino!”  “Go Wacha!”
.            “Go Yadi!”  “Go Wong!”

Now in the 7th
from the bullpen is sought
Maness or Freeman
Martinez or Motte

The Cards lead by one
and our pitchers get the call
Eighth inning, Neshek
Ninth, Rosenthal!

I love America
.    I love Fall
.        I love October
.            and I love baseball!


The Baseball That Ate Hollywood!

by Bob Nemtusak

“Come on, Hobbs! You’re up!!”
Pick up a bat, and do it!
The Cubs fans blamed Steve Bartman.
Who’s to say?
Seems like they blew it.

Pierzynski punched Cubs catcher–
Now A.J.’s Saint Louis red;
Oakland has some Athletics,
Coco puts pitchers to bed.

Another earthquake series?
White Sox got Cy Young, and Rookie.
Shave those beards–
You lot not Wookiees


Joe Torre

by Stephen Jones

Joe Torre
Made his way
To Cooperstown
Because he showed
His greatest stat
Was to listen
To what was said
So, he quietly led
By example
Showing patience
And humanity
In the dugout
On the field
And before any camera


All-Star Clerihews #3

By Hugh Encrye

Adam Wainwright
Played the “unwritten rules” right,
Grooved the Captain a pitch to hit,
Then found himself in a world of trouble.

Miguel Cabrera
The greatest hitter of our era.
Pitch the pill behind his back
And still he’ll give that ball a whack.

Mike Trout
Didn’t hit one out,
But a double and a triple
Ain’t kibble.

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