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Snake Bit

by the Village Elliott

When promoting men, Napoleon stuck
With this principle, “I look for luck.”
He would not buck the odds
And offend Baseball Gods
Shutting down Strasburg like a dumb schmuck.

Nats seem clueless and snake bit to me
Since the Strasburg Shut-Down travesty;
‘Fourteen’s Playoff Game Two:
Belt’s home run “lucky,” too;
Papelbon trade upset chemistry.

Dusty Baker will manage D.C.
Buddy’s tenure with Nats not to be;
Did Nats react to claim,
That “Black” in Bud’s last name,
Ain’t what league meant by diversity?

Seems like Dusty’s a bit snake bit, too,
Since Jints Series Game Six in ‘Ought Two,
His Cubs sure got jiggley
Post-Bartman in Wrigley,
Posey’s Granny bid his Reds adieu . . .

Months after our softball season’s through,
Pitcher our team beat still had no clue.
“Schedule and your team suck,
Only beat us by luck!”
“Yeah, we’re lucky we were playing you.”



by the Village Elliott

Dusty Baker will manage D.C.
Buddy’s tenure with Nats not to be.
Did Nats react to claim
That “Black” in Bud’s last name
Ain’t what league meant by diversity?


Don Mattingly

by Stephen Jones

Donnie Baseball is off to Miami–
Sunshine home of the Northeast retiree–
Where he’ll raise Marlins, a la Girardi,
On a budget one-third Dodgers’ salary.


Playoff’s Payoff

by the Village Elliott

On three teams left in playoffs are three
Recent A’s playing prominently:
Donaldson, Ben Zobrist
Cespedes.  A’s fans pissed,
While “Money Ball’s” playoffs’ MVP.


Mutual Parting

by the Village Elliott

Today, this Giants fan’s feeling blue,
Team’s worst nightmare at last has come true.
Unlike Jim Harbaugh–Niners,
Don Mattingly–Dodgers
“Mutual parting” long overdue.

LA Bums “Donny Ballplayer” led:
High-priced Blue-Bloods that Dodgers Blue bled.
“Donny Manager” flailed
Since first mound visit failed,
When Jints’ Bruce Bochy got in his head.



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