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National League West 2015 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

One perfect lesson:
“Toughness” is no replacement
for smarts and talent

The car will not go
if Car-Go cannot go for
more than half the trip

If Vin Scully calls
a game on SportsNet LA,
does anyone hear?

Best way to catch flies?
Simple. Put shit in your field!
Oh, wait…they’ve tried that

The World Champions
now go begging for alms to
replace their lost pence


National League Central 2015 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

A Sure Thing is not
called “A Sure Thing” unless it
hasn’t happened yet

Jason Marquis back?
Surely this is a sign that
the world is ending.

For one final spring,
Aramis Ramirez tries
to avoid diving

Could Clint Hurdle
be the Bucs’ final hurdle
to winning a title?

Some with a fresh start
Will soar higher than they could
Down in the southland


National League East 2015 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

“The Braves will be good”???
…what I like about the South
Is its humility

Oh, Giancarlo,
Is 300 mil enough
To stand Loria?

It was a bright day
When the Wheel fell off the cart
Leaving three good ones

Men with few assets
Should not bargain as if they
Can afford to wait

The young man acts young;
His elders, who know better,
Lecture and complain


A Cards Fan, All but Alone in Michigan, Worries

by Alan P. Rudy

Matheny loves vets, it is ever so clear,
But picking up Masterson was certainly queer.
So, uh, now Lackey! who used to strike fear,
But these days  looks irked and needs him a beer.

The death of Taveras, and Heyward’s in right
To force Grichuk to fight for a spot every night,
While Wacha and Jaime return to the fight
Just in time — I tell you, the division’s a fright!


A little boy in St. Louis for the three runs at the World Series in the 1960s, Alan’s love of the Cardinals was cemented by the nightmare of moving to Mets territory in ’69. These days he’s married to a Cards fan he met in the land of the Giants, is raising two ball-playing boys with hair longer than Ted Simmons ever had, and teaches Sociology at Central Michigan University.

Bleacher Bump

by Hilary Barta

While it’s coming, the day’s drawing near
Where’s a Bum ‘sposed to station his rear?
Though the bleachers ain’t done,
Cheers to each sodden one:
Don’t be glum! There’s no rationing beer!


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