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Baseball Altamont

by the Nightmares


Colon Ranger

by Michael X. Ferraro

Conjuring his Inner Say Hey Kid,
Bartolo decamps from the mound.
Sprinting so fast he loses his lid,
He covers a whole lot of ground,
And hauls in Galvis’ base-hit bid–
Yet another Colon foe clowned.


For a clip of Colon’s play, click here.

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Mets 2, KC 0

by Stephen Jones

Noah Syndergaard stormed ashore
Like a grim Viking ancestor.
He drew out a sword of destiny —
His unheard of slider of no pity —
And unleashed it on poor KC.


Ballad of the Met-Clot

by Stephen Jones

I do coagulate and
Bring the Dark Knight to his knee.

I am the “Bladder Demon”
When Harvey forgets to pee.


Still Amazin’, for Different Reasons

By James Finn Garner

Introducing this year’s New York Mets!
Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets
On whether they’ll rue not keeping Cespedes
And whether Matt Harvey will remember to piss.


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