American League Central 2014 Spring Training Haiku

by Stuart Shea

Can the Sox play tough?
White indicates purity…
Are dirty suits allowed?

If only Swisher
Struck out more often…but then,
Truth ain’t poetry.

The old roar is gone…
No more sneaking cigarettes.
It’s a young man’s turn.

It is difficult
To keep from strangling youth with
High expectations.

Mauer ain’t sour,
He’s heretofore banished from
Those bad Twins hurlers.


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American League Central 2014 Spring Training Haiku: 1 Comment

  1. Adama wrote,

    Angela Griffith – Oh my goodness!!!! Where do I start! that first one is such a fabuolus keepsake for her to pass down to her little one!! The second one is simply gorgeous!!! Love the brushes you did on that image! Awesome job once again Dawn! This is your thing!!!!!!!!

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