An Ode to Wild Bill Hagy (1938-2007)

By Stuart Shea

Wild Bill Hagy was an Orioles fan,

Looked like most any other big man,

Belly hanging low over loose blue jeans,

Full of cold beer and likewise of beans.

Back in the days ‘fore Camden Yards,

When the orange-clad O’s held all the cards,

Wild Bill Hagy was a half-crazed horse

Who pawed his ground as a cheerleading force.

He stood on the dugout during each game

And spelled out “Orioles” with his mighty frame.

Every O’s fan from near and far

Watched Wild Bill—he became a star.

The years rolled on and the O’s declined,

They left Memorial for a new state of mind.

Hagy didn’t lead cheers at the new park,

The team’s new owners didn’t like that spark.

And now he’s gone, though memories hold,

Of the glorious days of Orioles old,

Of Weaver and Murray, Palmer and Cal,

Dempsey, Roenicke, Pat Kelly, and Al.

Gimme an H!

Gimme an A!

Gimme a G!

Gimme a Y!

What’s that spell?


Posted 8/29/2007

Published in 2007, Ballparks, Baltimore Orioles, Fans, History, Lyric, Stu Shea | Link to this poem | No Comments

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