by David Bellel

Inspired by the Orioles’ recent home sweep of the Red Sox, the first in nearly 36 years, is a new version of “Birdland”:

In the middle of that hub
I remember one sad club
Where Bosox went to beat
Down near Sultan’s home street

Everybody flipped the bird
To a team nicknamed the Birds
Where Beantown pitchers twirled
Like the best in all the world
The records achieved there
Were beyond compare

Birdland, I’m singing
Birdland, Old losin’ Birdland

Hey man, the O’s would really turn you on.
Really? but things have just turned around.

Down them stairs, old winners beware
Where? Down in Birdland

Booming swings, now Birds are kings
There, down in Birdland

Tejada would cook, Papi would look
Where? Down in Birdland

Ohnan came through, Nick came too.
There, down in Birdland

Papelbon got screwed, J.D. too
Where? Down in Birdland

Orioles played hard ball
Now Tremblay won’t fall
There, down in Birdland, Yeah!

David posts often at his blog, Pseudo-Intellectualism.  Check it out.
Posted 5/13/2010

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Birdland: 1 Comment

  1. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Hah, I just discovered the original song yesterday. Thanks for helping me get into it!

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