Brown’s Derby

by Michael X. Ferraro

When Dominic Brown uncoils like a snake
of his intent there can be little doubt.
In May he took ZERO free passes,
but walloped a dozen balls out.

So the Philly fans rise as one
when the lanky kid takes a cut.
It’s only a .500 year so far,
and yet, and but, and but . . .


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Brown’s Derby: 1 Comment

  1. Anie wrote,

    Welcome to PA James. While I am no currently lvinig there, I spent most of my life in PA, and will be headed back “home” in just 16 days. We will be lvinig in Lansdale. When I was a teen we bought a new car, and it happened to be from a dealer in Newtown on State Street(a good hour from our home), so when it would need to go in for repair or maintenance, I would ride with my mom and we would have lunch at a nice little place within walking distance… I don’t recall the name. I always thought it was such a quaint little place!I’ll be posting pics of our road trip and new adventures starting in June! It’s not a new area to me, but we’ve been gone for six years!

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