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The Passion of Sean Rodriguez

By James Finn Garner

You think all your dues’ve been paid
You’d love a post-season parade
But Jake Arrieta
Could not have been better —
What to do except punch Gator-Ade?


The Forecast for Hell

by Todd Herges

A cold front is forming
And may yet move in.
It depends on one question:
Will the Cubs win?


French Curve

by Jim Siergey

Jaunty Arrieta
Watch him put away

Watch him put away the Bucs
Like a bunch of sitting ducks
Put away! S’il vous plait!

Jaunty Arrieta
Put those Bucs away!

Wild Card

by Stephen Jones

One game.
Thereby a team hangs by a thread.

One game.
Win and move on. Lose . . . enuff said.



By Stuart Shea

Farewell, Buehrle,
Never surly,
Perfect game and Series ring.
Sox fans wish you everything.

Huddy, boy, you’ll be missed,
South and north, east and wist.
Auburn, Atlanta, by the Bay,
222 wins ain’t hay.

Jeremy Affeldt said goodbye,
Left the field and maybe cried.
Made some cash, answered the bell,
Made himself some friends as well.

Aramis Ramirez
Hopes for a Seriez.
He’s played a lot of ball,
But not much in the fall.

A.J. Burnett wants the same:
Play more than one October game.
And yes, he really cares
To play a role for the Corsairs.

And who else out there will call it quits
When the uni or job no longer fits?
Or the outright release came?
Who’s played his last game?

Barry Zito? Dan Haren?
A-Rod, Colon, or Beltran?
Latroy Hawkins, Betancourt,
Or some other old man?


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