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R.I.P.: Two American Icons

by the Village Elliott

Route 66 (Opened 11/11/1926, decommissioned 6/27/1985)
Chuck Berry (10/18/1926–3/18/2017)

On my birthday Chuck Barry has passed.
Local icons my St. Louis past:
Mr. Moke left the zoo,
Stan the Man is gone, too–
Like Route 66, they were all gassed.


Some 40 days older than his fellow St. Louis icon, Chuck Berry outlasted Route 66 by nearly 33 years.

Life is Good

By James Finn Garner

Winter’s been raw as a campout in Banff.
Your new basement walls are moldy and damp.
Your drapes caught fire from a knocked over lamp—

.         Relax!
.         Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Your check-writing hand’s developed a cramp,
Your bills are all due and you ain’t got a stamp,
Creditors cling to your neck like a clamp—

.          Smile!
.          Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Your yard now faces a new freeway ramp.
Your son is engaged to a gold-digging tramp.
Your “guitar hero” neighbor’s just bought a new amp—

.         Life is good!
.         Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.

Breaking news makes you break out in a rant.
You want to stop watching; duty says you can’t.
I fear Lady Liberty’s being measured for implants–

.         With luck we’ll survive,
.         And pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.


First posted 2/13/2008; updated 2/15/17


The Team at Clark and Addison

Written, performed and produced by Matt Paolelli, Chris Paolelli, Joe Paolelli and Ben Paolelli

‘Twas Ever Thus

by Jim Siergey

Will the Cubs ne’er stop
being the Cubs?
Will the fall ne’er see an end
to their flubs?
Will there e’er be tears
spilt in beers inside pubs?
Ye can add to death and taxes
the Cubs always being the Cubs.


More Mistakes by the Lake

by Michael X. Ferraro

The Cavs’ title notwithstanding,
poor Cleveland’s back to Clevelanding–
a fielding fiasco
by Carlos Carrasco
plus Pryor’s alleged grandstanding.


Carlos Carrasco injured, exits after 2 pitches

The Browns get hosed on a ridiculous taunting penalty against Terrelle Pryor

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