Cub Fans Bid Kid K Adieu

by James Finn Garner

It’s not 14 years.
Since Kid K choked the Stros?
Ah, but what’s 14 years anyway,
In a Cub fan’s memory?

A short trip to the DL
And he’d be back again
Better than ever
Ready to win
Again, again, again . . .

Then one last, sweet K
On three straight pitches
And a hug from his Justin on the dugout steps

A kid for all time
Youth ready, on tap
Hope in pinstripes

I was always a Cub, I’ve always been a Cub, and I’ll always continue to be a Cub.

What’s 14 years anyway,
In a Cub fan’s memory?

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Cub Fans Bid Kid K Adieu: 4 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Nice. I like the sentiment. Anytime a player puts it on the line, who cares what team.

  2. Ember Nickel wrote,

    For some Cubs fans, it’s all of their baseball-interested lives…

  3. norm knott wrote,


  4. Hilary Barta wrote,

    It seems like only yesterday…

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