Deadline Day!

By Stuart Shea

Deadline day is coming!
Whose lives will be uprooted?
What players will be traded
Like cargo to be scooted?

Will the Yankees snag a pitcher,
The Tigers a receiver?
The White Sox need a hitter,
The Dodgers a reliever.

The Diamondbacks are out to deal,
The Cubs would like to trade,
And Kansas City always wants
To trim payroll a shade.

Ted Lilly and Roy Oswalt,
Dan Haren and Dotel,
Dunn’s a done deal also
Once their clubs decide to sell.

So ship out all those veterans,
Young prospects for to grab,
’cause clubs in flag contention
Always have to take a stab.

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Deadline Day!: 1 Comment

  1. Nahro wrote,

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