Free Bat Day, Tiger Stadium, 1971

by James Finn Garner


Rallies were exciting,
Cheers a clanging roar
When each kid 14 and under
Got a bat at the stadium door.

They pounded on the railings,
The seats, pillars and floor,
Then they pounded on each other–
Bats ain’t given out no more.
Posted 6/22/10

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Free Bat Day, Tiger Stadium, 1971: 7 Comments

  1. Bob wrote,

    I came across this poem when doing some research on Tiger’s Bat Day. It is a great poem that brought back a lot of memories. My father died in 1974 and I remember that he brought me to Bat Day at Tiger stadium in either 1971, 1972 or 1973-I think it was 71. I wish I knew the exact year, but the game program was lost and my mom passed away in 2008 so I really have no way to figure this out. I want to find out the date and the game he brought me to at Tiger stadium. I have the bat still and it is a Norm Cash bat. I would really appreciate any information on where I can find a list of Bat Day events at Tiger Stadium with the date and game stats during those years. THANKS!

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Bob, I don’t have any info that goes that far into detail, but I’ll send you some names of friends in Detroit who are active in SABR. They might have more leads.

  3. Bob also wrote,

    I, like Bob have a bat from free bat day. My dad took me sometime in the mid 60s. Mine is a Bill Freehan model. I was wondering if any more was found regarding free bat day dates.

    Bob also

  4. Ron Kujawa wrote,

    bat day 1973. i got a al kaline bat. The guy in front of me got a norm cash. sat on 3rd base line behind 3rd base about 30 rows up

  5. Bill Ellison wrote,

    I was looking through a walk-in closet at my parents house last year and I found my old Willie Horton bat from Bat Day. It’s like new. I don’t remember what year, 69-73? I went to 2 bat days, the first bat I used all the time and eventually cracked it playing sandlot ball.

  6. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Ah, “Willie the Wonder” was my favorite Tiger growing up. Loved that batting stance.

  7. Jeff wrote,

    I went to a free bat day I believe in 1973, I remember the Tigers played the Angels, can anyone confirm?

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