In Other Retirement News: Konerko

by James Finn Garner

Helping keep South Side baseball alive
Manning the rudder in 2005
Plus a grand salami that wasn’t no jive
More than mere baseball, he’s
Our Paulie

Hard to see him as a Dodger or Red
No froth of praise ever clouded his head
Didn’t spout any line and meant what he said
More than mere baseball, he’s
Our Paulie

To the up-and-comers a mentor and sensei
His swing and his fielding held nothing fancy
For all of this century, the right side wasn’t chancy
More than mere baseball, he’s
Our Paulie


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In Other Retirement News: Konerko: 2 Comments

  1. mxferraro wrote,

    wonder how Olbermann will react to this hagiography? nice one!

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    He can rip me apart all he wants, as long as he puts the website name on the screen.

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