Jeff Kent, Courageous Dodger

by Stu Shea

“It’s hard to influence a big group. We’ve got some good kids on the team. Don’t get me wrong, please don’t misinterpret my impressions. [But] it’s hard to translate experience. I don’t know why they don’t get it.
“It’s close to the end of the season. And a career for me, too. I’m running out of time. A lot of kids in here, they don’t understand that…and it’s hard to get them to understand that because they’ve haven’t been there. So there lies some frustration.”

–Jeff Kent, 9/21/07

Jeff Kent, second base for the Dodgers,
Is defending his fellow old codgers.

Says the kids don’t play right—
Most are black, and he’s white.

Got that? Roger. Kent’s a mean-spirited, selfish racist who just wants to get his name in the papers and doesn’t care about the mess he leaves behind, especially if it makes him look good and other people look bad.

Posted 10/18/07


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