Mutual Baseball Almanac, 1959

by Doug Fahrendorff

Last week
My brother returned
My copy of
The 1959 Mutual Baseball Almanac.
He had given me the book for my birthday
That year.
I paged through the articles
Describing how to play each position:
Roberts on pitching
Campanella catching
Musial the outfield
Statistics of yesterdays heroes
The book a mirror
Into a time long past
When baseball was still
Only a game.


Posted 7/1/2009

Published in Free Verse, History, Players, The Game Itself, Youth | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

Mutual Baseball Almanac, 1959: 1 Comment

  1. Jack Morrow wrote,

    I think that year should be 1954. I picked that book up for $1 at a used book store in 1977, and it’s still a fun read, along with the 1951 edition of The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball.

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