Order in the Bleachers

by James Finn Garner

Three cheers for Justice Sotomayor!
The “wise Latina” knows what summer break’s for.

She’s not with Dick Cheney, slaughtering birds,
Or at a think-tank retreat with blue-suited nerds.

Sonia got the hell out of Washington quickly
Went up to the Bronx and, not being picky,

Bought a ticket and dog, and hunkered down grinning
In the right field bleachers with a guy named “Bald Vinnie”

She cheered while her Bombers flattened the O’s,
Heckled Zach Britton and lauded Cano.

While it’s doubtful this impacts much of her work,
I think she should hire Bald Vinnie as clerk.

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Order in the Bleachers: 3 Comments

  1. stu wrote,

    The justice who saved baseball! Thank God she’s still a fan.

  2. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    nicely done. that’s a Court porch out in right.

  3. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Maybe she can retire and become the next commissioner, replacing Kenesaw Mountain Landis in our hearts.

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