Philly’s High-Cheesesteak

by Stephen Jones

Phillies’ fan faithful usually
Don’t have much to cheer about,
But thank you Vince Velasquez
For 16 Ks and a shutout.

(Philly blanked San Diego —
It was 3-0 —
And turned the Padres nosh
Into a hero.)


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Philly’s High-Cheesesteak: 2 Comments

  1. Anonymous wrote,

    A friend of mine was in Philly a few years ago and said he ate at one of the famous cheesesteak emporiums. Said they had signs: This is Philadelphia: Order in English.

    Just looked it up: Geno’s.

    Is “Nosh” English?

    Like we say in the Canal Section of Marin County: This is the Canal; speak Mexican.

  2. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Somehow the above posted before I added my name.

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