Putting the Pits in Pittsburgh

By Stuart Shea

When you talk of the Pirates,
What gives them their charm?
Their .200-hitting shortstop named Barmes?

You’d think the trade deadline
Would cause some alarms
For a .200-hitting shortstop named Barmes.

But the Bucs got more pitching!
“You always need arms
With a .200-hitting shortstop named Barmes.”

There’s no one on the bench
And no one on the farm
No one else to play shortstop–
No one with an arm
Nobody in training
No one even warm
But their .200-hitting shortstop named Barmes.

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Putting the Pits in Pittsburgh: 1 Comment

  1. Hilary Barta wrote,

    The writer named Shea is having his say
    Let’s hear it for Stu, and hip-hip hooray!

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